Higher Registration Fees to Benefit Substance Abuse Programs for Arlington Heights Lawyers

Substance Abuse in Arlington Heights, in Illinois, and Across the Nation: Concerning and Worrisome at Best, Downright Terrifying the Rest of the Time

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has been going up and up and up for some time now with no real sign or hint or indication of it going down or relaxing in any way, shape, or form any time soon.  The only way that we see the drug trends reducing would be with the new drug rehab Arlington Heights in place. Truthfully, this drug and alcohol issue needs to be handled and addressed and this needs to happen now.  The problem worsens on an exponential scale every year.  For example:

  • Some states, (like Illinois), have been suffering worse than others when it comes to substance abuse and addiction but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that all of the states of the United States of America to some degree or another are experiencing rapid increases in substance abuse and addiction in general. Multiple different factors have contributed to this but the main three are thought to be an increased acceptance amongst the American people of general, recreational substance abuse, increased trafficking of narcotics into the nation from South America, and increased prescription drug abuse. (www.samhsa.gov). Individuals who are abusing drugs and alcohol need to get referred or go to a drug rehab Chicago Illinois for help with their addiction before its too late.
  • Deaths from car accidents are tragic and horrific to say the least. What most Americans don’t know though is that 40 to 60% of all car accidents in the United States during any given year are the result of drug or alcohol abuse or a combination of the two. This has to be stopped now because when a substance abuser gets behind the wheel of the car he or she is not only putting his or her life at risk but he or she is also putting the lives of other innocent individuals at risk. (www.nida.gov).

One Plan that Should Help in Arlington Heights

The registration fees that are always paid by attorneys who want to practice in Illinois will go up by $3 next year to benefit a nonprofit program that helps law students, attorneys and judges get confidential help for alcohol and substance abuse problems as well as depression.  This is a group effort to make the practice and field of law a more drug-free and alcohol-free one. Also, being able to have the option of seeking help at a drug rehab referral is a good idea for the lawyers to get back on track and stay as an outpatient this way they can still focus on their career.

Beginning in the year of 2017, Illinois attorneys on active status for at least three years will have to pay an annual registration fee of $385, compared to the previous fee of $382.  The additional funds, though seemingly insignificant per lawyer but adding up to a substantial sum when all lawyers are accounted for, will benefit the Lawyers’ Assistance Program, which also sponsors outreach and education programs for those in the legal profession around the state. The program had received $7 from every registration fee, but now it will get $10 instead.

The program’s goals are factually not only to help lawyers and law practicers whose careers may be getting sidetracked by addiction or depression problems but to also protect the public and clients from decisions made by impaired judges and attorneys that might be under the influence.  In the end, it is hoped that this program will continue and that others like it will come forward as well to be pursued by those addicted in Arlington Heights and all across the state for that matter.