Could Injured Teen Athletes in Arlington Heights Be at Risk for Addiction?

Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Arlington Heights: A Big Issue to Begin With Without Injuries

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse amongst the nation’s youth is already a major and serious issue all across the entire United States, and Arlington Heights is by no means any different at all.  For example:

  • Many teens and their parents incorrectly believe that the abuse of prescription medications is a safe and non-addicting alternative to “street” drugs.  In fact, some parents and teens believe that it is okay to pop pills.  For the numbers on this, almost one in four teens, (23 percent), say their parents do not care as much if they are caught using prescription drugs for non-medical purposes, compared to getting caught with “street drugs”.  This is completely insane, as prescription drugs claim more lives in the United States every single year than all street drugs combined!
  • According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, the number of adolescents that were seen in an emergency department, (ED), for the use of illicit drugs and the misuse or abuse of pharmaceuticals went up slightly between 2004 and 2011.  The real concern here though was with exactly what types of drugs were landing them in the emergency room to begin with.  In 2004, it was cocaine or meth, in 2014, it was heroin and prescription drugs, and heroin and prescription drugs kill a lot more individuals than cocaine and meth do.
  • Studies show that it is very unique how prescription drugs get filtered around from person to person.  They are not often, “dealt” by a drug dealer who accepts cash or other favors for drug substances.  With prescription drugs, people often share their unused pain relievers, fully aware of the dangers of non-medical opioid use but not caring at all.  Here is the problem, when they consumer drugs anyways knowing the dangers of over consuming.  A drug rehab Arlington Heights program is now in place in order to help individuals like this recover from a serious drug addiction problem. Studies also show that most adolescents who misuse prescription pain relievers are given them for free by a friend or by a relative, effectively changing the whole drug proliferation game and giving the Drug Enforcement Agency, (DEA), a whole new challenge in how to prevent it from occurring.

Injuries Do Nothing but Make the Situation Worse if One is not Careful

The truth of the matter is that doctors and pharmacists are all about prescribing pain drugs whenever possible now.  This is an issue that has most definitely been getting worse as years have gone by, and it really shows no sign of getting any better at all in the near future.  If something is not done soon to curb teen drug and alcohol abuse, then all a teen will have to do is receive a small and slight injury and all of a sudden one will have a major addiction crisis on one’s hands.  Something must be done to change this in Arlington Heights to start such as forcing individuals by law to undergo recovery at a drug rehab Arlington Heights or threaten them with jail time. Having the teens that are at risk of becoming addicted take counseling and go seek a drug rehab referral service as quickly as possible if they are injured is a great way to prevent this before out even occurs.