Can You Drink Too Much Coffee?

There’s nothing better to start the day than a cup of hot strong coffee. Yes, the caffeine kick will make the whole body wakes up and our brain is ready to work hard to face the challenges. Many people all around the world can’t live without a cup of coffee to drink but we need to realize there are concerns about its side effects. The big question is whether the side effect of coffee is very serious to make drinking coffee a bad habit.

There are long lasting arguments is coffee bad or not. That kind of arguments are not only among common people but also among health experts. Many researches have been conducted and the results can reveal both good and bad sides of coffee consumption. So let’s start with the good ones. People who regularly drink coffee are linked to lower rate of type 2 diabetes. Regular coffee consumption is also reducing risk of skin cancer and liver cancer as well as Parkinson’s disease. The surprising things are coffee has good benefits to the heart and kidney. That’s the opposite than what most of us believe.

Now let’s see the bad side of coffee. First of all, it can cause stomach problem. Caffeine stimulates the stomach to release more acid. It cause uncomforted feeling in your belly and in some cases, it causes pain. The excessive acid is also the reason why you get heartburn, the other common side effect of coffee. It is also important to know that coffee can increase blood pressure and this is the reason why it is widely related to heart condition. Another concerning fact to know is regular coffee consumption can cause infertility.

Those are the facts about good sides and bad sides of drinking coffee. Then again, it is your personal decision to choose whether you drink coffee regularly or not. How many cup of coffee the limit depends on your own preference. Better consult with your doctor for it.